Garden Feng-Shui

Design your garden according to Feng Shui principles


Feng-Shui offers a wealth of opportunities to realize your own dream garden and the aim of this app to support you by giving you the necessary recommendations for your garden. 

Many Feng Shui recommendations depend on the compass directions. That is why you will first create a new garden layout and enter the main distinguish characteristics of each direction (for example, pond, lawn, fruit tree). Then you can use the appropriate buttons to read specific recommendations on plants and life topics.


The "Read advice" button takes you to the recommendations that are independent of the direction of the compass and cover topics like the design of garden ways.



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My list of tasks

Fast way of recording tasks on the go

The purpose of this app is to enable a quick overview of your tasks. If you are on the move and something comes you to your mind, then you can grab your iPhone and enter the task into this application in a simple and fast way.


Give the task a name and fill other non compulsory fields like due data, priority, notes, text colour and recurrence. You can also add a photo and a voice memo to you task.  You can just enter the name of the task and complete the information later if you want. 

The task can be exported to your calendar if a due date is available.

Chord dice

Roll the chord dices 🎲

Record your own chords. Dice four chords, play individually or in combination and be amazed. Send the result by e-mail. We wish you a lot of fun.


My garden year

Keep your garden year in pictures!  📷

Our garden looks different every year depending on the weather and the choice of plants. But do you remember what it looked like this time of year last year?


You can use this app to capture the garden year in pictures and with a short text. With this you can get inspiration for the current year or check the success of care measures.



Plant diseases and pests

Recognize plant diseases and pests by taking a photo.

We have trained a machine learning model to detect plant diseases and pests with photos. Take or load a photo of the affected leaf, fruit or of the insect and the app will detect the plant disease respectively the pest.


It will then load the description and image from Wikipedia for you to check if the recognized disease or pest is correct.

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